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Become A Part Of My R&Believers Club -A Soul Music Lover’s Haven!!


My name is J. Black, A soulful singer, songwriter, and producer all rolled into one! I started out in my career as a musician playing the piano, drums and singing at an early age. I have collaborated with artist such as Snoop Dogg, Ronnie Hudson, and Suga- T, and my music has been featured in commercials, on websites, and has received radio national airplay.  Besides this, my R&B releases such as, “A Piece of My Soul” and “Share Love’ have been highly appreciated by many of my listeners. Your love and interest in my work drives me forward and encourages me to give my BEST!!

If R&B Music lives inside of you, just like me, and you believe in the magic of this soul moving genre, I’m giving you a fantastic chance to be part of the movement! I’m bringing to you an exclusive membership offer to be part of my Premium, R&Believers CLUB, a place where you can get all of the behind the scenes scoops on me in the world of R&B!! So how is this going to work? Quite simple actually, all you need to do is SIGN UP and start receiving the benefits instantly. It gives you an all access pass to a veritable treasure trove. for Soul Music lovers this is a fantastic opportunity.

By becoming a member to my R&Believers CLUB, you can

  • Gain access to FREE Music
  • Participate in amazing contests
  • Members Only Offers and Discounts
  • WIN unbelievable prizes
  • Become privy to privileged NEWS
  • Take part in Monthly Giveaways

This is not all!! As a member, you will get some Members Only BENEFITS! It includes access to fantastic photos, demos of unreleased songs, and other exclusive content! All this is possible simply by signing on for my exclusive list!! Isn’t this amazing!

Over the years, my fans have supported me in my music career. I love to interact with my audience through Live Performances and have lots of fun during such events. My aim is to give you an interactive and immersive experience from start to finish. Now, I want to bring the same personal touch in my interaction with music lovers everywhere with my one of kind R&Believers Club membership.

If you love R&B music and, want to gain access to “You Heard It Here First” News, and want to win lots of free stuff, here’s your chance to do just that. My aim is to bring like-minded people together in this special club and give them a chance to make a difference in this R&B Soul movement  and have lots of FUN at the same time!!

So are you ready to join this JOY RIDE with ME?? Just sign up for my R&Believers CLUB membership TODAY and become a part of this EXCLUSIVE GROUP!!

Remember, The Offers You Will Get Here Are Present Nowhere Else!!


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