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J. Black: Smooth Grooves and Industry Buzz

Sometimes, a really smooth groove can seem to almost infect your bloodstream. After just one listen, it can grab onto your heart, grab onto your mind, and attach itself to your soul and never let go. That is exactly what happens after just one listen to the new track by singer, songwriter and producer J. Black.

J. Black Music ManThe soulful vocal stylings of California based R&B artist J. Black are evident from the first soothing notes on his new single, DISTANT MEMORIES. This single is a fluid, mid-tempo R&B serenade about nostalgia for times past and about longing for a love that has been lost. You can feel the emotion in every perfectly pitched note delivered by this up-and-coming urban sensation.

In the field of Contemporary R&B, there are many hopeful contenders; there are few, however, who rise to the top in the eyes of music industry experts. J. Black has caught the avid attention of many in the business, such as Barry Currin, co-owner of Nashville-based music publisher Screaming Tomato Music Publishing. Currin signed the performer for the single LET ME KNOW, from the E.P. titled A PIECE OF MY SOUL (currently available on iTunes).

Music insider and West Coast rap pioneer DJ Flash, with iwest Entertainment/Rappers Rap Records, says of Black: “We ran across J. Black’s Reverbnation profile and signed him for a West Coast Classic featuring Ronnie Hudson, Zapp, Snoop Dogg, Too Short, E40, Rappin 4tay and Celle Cell.” According to Flash, “J. Black’s vocals were exactly what we needed to compliment Ronnie Hudson’s West Coast Poplock.” The music heavyweight also adds: “J. Black delivered just what we needed.” Clearly, there is a strong new industry buzz about this rock solid performer.

When you are lucky enough to attend a J. Black performance, you witness not only the music, but you get an immersive and interactive experience, regardless the venue. As a composer and pianist, Black takes to the keys at his shows and tickles the ivories just right. Just as his lilting voice draws you in, so, too, does his accompaniment. It is infused with the same rich and satisfying emotion that you hear in his voice; you FEEL him. The singer/songwriter says of his live performances: “I give my supporters everything I have within me because it’s my place to show ’em a great time!”

The talented and versatile performer is no stranger to accolades. Accomplishments include a title as three time Elk Grove Western Idol Winner, as well as being nominated for two Sammy Awards (Sacramento Area Music Awards).

Black may be cut from the same cloth as artists such as Bruno Mars and Ne-Yo. However, as a performer of true versatility and varied talents, he is not content to continue the tradition of his predecessors; he blazes original R&B paths of his own. Through stirring lyrics, impressive and memorable hooks, and a soothing and recognizable vocal style, J. Black is establishing for himself a solid place in the Contemporary R&B constellation.



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