Party Of The Year

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Party Of The Year

Verse 1
Everybody’s who’s anyone will be here
We’ve waited so long to get it on at the party of the year
Roll out the Red Carpet that’s right
A Once in a lifetime affair
Is going down tonight

The dress code at this event swim suit to pimp
Even in a  wedding gown she getting down 
You been waiting for this right here
We’ve got is stocked from cognac to light beer
Are you hear for the party of the year?
The Combro is too we came to boogie wit you
And all your friends, grab yo cup cause we about to toast
To the top party of the year bottoms up

Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself
Let the music take control
I don’t know what you heard
But we rockin this house like solid gold you know
Enjoy yourself it’s the party of the year com’on
With the Combro at it again
A party’s brewin in the atmosphere listen up

Verse 2
Ladies looking fly in their finest
Fellas rollin up in the shiniest rides
The Feelins’ good tonight
All the stars is out to shine
Toastin’ up a glass with the best champagne wine
You wanna see the same girl twice?
Better keep her locked down
Cause my game is like a vice
The little crumpet over there is givin’ me the sign
One last sip on my Henny then I’m about to get mine

Oh heavens yes it’s the best
Damn party period I don’t wanna hear it
From the Bay to Las Vegas across the nation
It’s a have a good time celebration
Exotic and erotic women I spotted
I may never see again so I’m tryin to be they friend
To the end or at least till the feeling is gone
I don’t care if you’re single or romancing the stone.

Repeat Chorus

We gon Party
Everybody 2 xs end

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