Let Me Know

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You had me lookin’ atcha for a while
One look at you and girl you caught my eye with you're smile
Can I take this seat right next to you 
What's you're name?
My name is J.
I saw you at this spot the other day
I would love to get know you in a different way yeah!

Pre Chorus
If  you don't mind
We can talk about the weather anythang you wanna do
If you don't mind
We can spend a little time girl  its up to you 

Let Me Know
If you wanna go
Roll with me 
Stroll with me 
Alone with me tonight 2xs

Verse 2
Can I take you from this crowded place?
So I can see what's in your heart behind your pretty face
I know there's so much more than superficial thangs yeah!
We can talk about our love and life 
and everything that's going wrong or right
there’s somethin about you that makes me hear a song
that I wanna sang

Pre Chorus
If you don't mind
We can spend a little mo time together yes
If you don't mind
I wanna get to know you a little mo better

Repeat Chorus

We can meet down town
At the True Love Cafe
It doesn’t make a difference
No matter what the time or day may be
Come on wontcha let me know
If you feel the same way I do
I promise there’s no pressure no
I only wanna get to know you

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