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Keytar Hero?

I remember the day that I first laid my eyes on this beautiful keyboard in an Emporium Capwell store. I was about 13 years old and I knew that I had to have it. It was shiny white in color and appeared to be a futuristic space age device to me. The price was around five hundred dollars, and after further investigating this instrument I learned that it was a Casio Az-1 keytar Midi Controller Keyboard.

I realized that I would have to create a plan to get that magnificent piece of modern stage equipment. And wasn’t certain how to let my parents know how much I wanted it. I just knew that this keyboard would be the coolest thing in any band if I could find a way to get my anxious hands on it.

I recall visiting that store several times just to put the keytar on and pretend to be rockin out with it. I would dream about it when I’d go to sleep at night. I imagined all the attention I would be getting with this half guitar/keyboard looking instrument. It would be the coolest thing to hit my high school band.

Well luckily I was blessed to have great parents and God parents that would spoil me from time to time (Ok some people say that I was spoiled period). Annually my God parents would ask my mother and father what to get me for Christmas or my Birthday. Well it turned out that they had already discussed jointly getting me a keyboard for my Birthday that particular year. I recall receiving the Casio Cz101 synthesizer as a gift. It was a nice keyboard and rather cool for the time and I appreciated the gift however, it was agreed that the keys were a little small for me and that I needed something full size that I could grow with.  I knew the moment had finally come to let them know the exact keyboard that I desired. So I told them about the really cool AZ-1Keytar and where we would have to go to purchase it.

I can vividly remember the anticipation that I felt the night that my dad and I set out to purchase my dream board. It was the longest road trip from Sunnyvale to Union City I had ever experienced. When we arrived at the store it was the last one available wow! I remember getting it home, taking it out of the box and once again pretending to shred with it. Yes it looked awesomely cool but that was about all I could do with it at that moment (The true meaning of air keytar).  I had failed to mention to my parents that remote controller keyboards aren’t much good without a sound module to produce the sounds that you play. Ouch! So here’s to a five hundred. dollar piece of cool.

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