J. Black’s Top Ten Reasons For Performing Solo

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I love to perform with a live band however, quite often I perform as a solo musician. J. Black ” The One Man Party Band” (You get it right?). Today I decided to compile a list of my top ten reasons  for riding solo as a Singer/Musician/Entertainer.

J. Black’s Top Ten Reasons For Performing Solo

1. The Drummer’s always on time to rehearsal, and plays in perfect time. (usually presequenced drum tracks of course)

2. There are very few arguments and disagreements with yourself when you work alone.

3. There’s no huge bar tab to pay. (However, this could certainly be possible if you’re trying to impress your fans hanging out in the V.I.P Section with you.)

4. You never have to split the gig revenue or tips.

5. Everyone knows their parts at rehearsal.

6. Background Singers are always blended well and don’t over sing their parts(pre recorded of course).

7. You don’t have to deal with a band member’s significant other complaining that their boyfriends/girlfriends instrument isn’t loud enough to hear.

8. You Can’t complain to lazy band members that won’t help load in and load out equipment because their too busy flirting with fans and working the room.( The burden is all on the solo performer)

9. There are no Prima Donna conflicts.

10. Never have to vote over issues or changes to sets, song selection, or band direction ever!

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