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J. Black: Triple Threat
Songwriter, singer and producer J.Black delivers it all.

With a strong background in musicianship, memorable vocal stylings, and a creative instinct for putting the urban sound together, J. Black stands to make an impression on music today. “A talented writer,” according to Bruce Sterling, CEO of Active Entertainment (DJ Quik, Christina Aguilera). “J. Black is definitely up and coming.”

J. Black got his start as a musician, learning to play piano, trumpet and drums. This early exposure to three different instruments laid the groundwork for what would become Black’s signature approach to musical composition—one which could only be described as fearless.

“I don’t feel confined in my music,” says Black. “I know there are some rules, but I’m not afraid to think outside the box. “There are certain boundaries I just don’t recognize.” Black will utilize a time signature typical of Rock and hear a place for it in an urban context. He’ll bring funk to bear on R&B.

He can write a hook for a stay-in-your-head pop song and then create lyrics of thought-provoking poetry. In example his song titled “I Don’t Care” paints a vivid picture of a broken relationship where the man is a victim of an untrue lover. “We hear many songs where the woman is the victim of wrong doing, but sometimes it’s the other way around” admits J.

J. Black Beginnings

J. Black’s singing career began in the Baptist church as a child where he was active as a musician, director and vocalist. It was in these early years that he would develop his captivating performance ability and soulful vocal style. I’ve always felt that if I aint movin the crowd I’m not doing my job.

The Jeanyus’ musical stylings and versatility have been compared to the likes of Kenny “Baby Face” Edmonds and R. Kelly whom Black highly respects for their contributions to urban music. ” R. Kelly has crossed chart and music style barriers which is what I admire the most about him,” Black says. J has the desire, ability and vision to cross genre barriers like his predecessors.

J. Black’s music has been featured on radio station 102.5 KSFM on Big Al’s midday show. Currently Black performs in various venues in and around the Sacramento Area

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